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Lomography Diana Deluxe Pack

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The Complete Collection: The Diana+ Deluxe Kit is where you’ll find the Diana F+ with all her accessory kinsmen. That’s correct. Every Diana+ accessory you can think of is right here and ready to roll.
Go forth and diversify your Diana+ experimentation with this fully comprehensive collection of tools and accessories.
The Diana Deluxe Kit includes: Diana F+ camera, Diana+ Flash, Hot-shoe adapters, Cable release collar and cable release, Splitzer, 35mm Back, Diana F+ 20mm Fisheye Lens, Diana F+ 38mm Super-Wide Lens, Diana F+ 55mm Wide-Angle Lens and Close-Up Lens, Diana F+ 110mm Telephoto Lens, Viewfinder Adaptor, Universal Viewfinder, Fisheye Viewfinder.
As well as including the Diana F+ camera, the Diana Deluxe Kit is filled with a huge range of the best Diana accessories.
This premium selection allows you to take all kinds of wonderful analogue photographs; Close-Ups, Fisheye, super-wide, the possibilities are as limitless as your lomographic imagination.
So let’s pop open a bottle of champagne and toast one of the classiest collections in the Lomography line-up, the Diana Deluxe Kit!

Title: Lomography Diana Deluxe Pack

Brand: Lomography

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